Construction Management -

As construction manager, Pinnacle Development Group starts its client relationship at the very beginning. Pinnacle employs an open-book management approach which provides the client with control over all aspects of the project. Our prime objective is to successfully complete the clients project, on or ahead of schedule, within the proposed budget while providing superior relations with all parties involved; ultimately exceeding our clients requirements and expectations. We offer “At Risk” GMP (guaranteed maximum price) services and differ greatly from the multitude of non “At Risk” construction managers which currently exist in the marketplace.

Key Services Pinnacle provides its clients as (at risk) construction manager:

• Schedule and assume responsibility for construction means, methods, sequencing

• Schedule, coordinate and supervise work performed by trades and outside suppliers

• Secure all permits, licenses, inspections, and occupancy certificates required by jurisdictional agencies

• Assume responsibility and provide cost, quality, inventory control transparency, monitoring and reporting

• Create long lead item plan including proper storage and transportation of such materials

• Continually review and advise on design of structure and systems to ensure conformity

• Create and maintain project schedules on a daily basis

• Organize all trades / subcontractors and involved parties for on-going project meetings with the client to monitor job progress

• Authorize, manage an audit change orders and general conditions payment requisitions

• Authorize, oversee and audit monthly payment requisitions

• Implementation and training of site safety based on OSHA guidelines

• Develop and implement  section 3, affirmative action and local hire program which is job specific

• Comprehensive punch list services

• Upon substantial completion of construction, examine work to assure efficacy, quality and proper commissioning of equipment


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