Energy Star -

What makes a Green Home or Building?

There are numerous factors that will designate a home or building as “Green.” In short a structure that is constructed and designed to reduce energy and water consumption, enhance indoor air quality, utilize sustainable design and materials during construction, and recycle waste from the project play the largest roles in the home or building certification.

During the initial design stages we educate clients with all green building options, leaving the final decision up to you with regard to the extent you may wish to have your home or building certified and finally to what level certification you may wish to achieve.

Why build Green?

Pinnacle is committed to designing and building environmentally friendly. Owner, Designer, Architect, Engineer and Builder must all work together throughout the entire process from design stages and construction to control materials used and construction practices to halt the consumption of our natural resources by limiting construction waste to primarily recyclable materials. As the world’s population expands the demand for natural resources is putting an enormous burden on our environment at an alarming rate. We fully support and promote the design and construction of Green and Energy Star Certified homes.


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