Commercial / Mixed-Use General Contracting -

Pinnacle Development Group delivers over 95% percent of its commercial and mix- use projects under a negotiated Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or Lump Sum Price. In many cases Pinnacle is engaged in the early stages of a project’s development. During these initial stages of preconstruction, we are able to deliver value to the client specifically with: constructability guidance, systems and detail suggestions, estimating and project feasibility explorations. Simultaneously, we prepare for project commencement and begin to select the most qualified management team to oversee the project. Start to finish, we have the capacity to deliver turnkey development services.

Throughout the project, Pinnacle provides ongoing feedback and helps owners and architects understand how a design vision can come to fruition through tangible details and construction methods. We offer a myriad of alternatives and budget ramifications so that owners can take control and make informed decisions early.

Pinnacle has vast experience in the construction of Mixed-Use Affordable Housing Developments. Specifically, prior to the start of these project types Pinnacle is brought in to develop and implement local hire initiatives compliant with municipal regulations and HUD Section 3 requirements. Pinnacle has extensive resources to create highly successful local hire programs that extend beyond the completion of project construction.


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